Your Partner in Remote Proctoring

As countless organizations shift their focus to online testing, secure monitoring services are more crucial than ever. Prov, Inc. has joined with™ as its exclusive online proctoring partner to offer both administrators and test-takers the best in remote monitoring.

What is™?™ is a secure online proctoring system that integrates directly with the Prov testing system. Through™, Prov test-takers can take exams from any location, receive guided onboarding and tech support, and even chat directly with proctors.

These services come included every online Prov exam (at no additional cost) and begin the minute a test-taker logs in to start testing.

How it Works

Step 1:

Administrators work with Prov and™ to set the rules for proctoring their exams.

Step 2:

As test-takers schedule their exams, they receive an email with instructions for logging in to take their test.

Step 3:

On test day, test-takers log in to take their exams and are immediately connected with an onboarding agent.

Is Your Computer Ready for Testing?™ offers an online system compatibility check to help test-takers prepare their devices for test-day. We recommend doing this check prior to the test day to speed up the check-in process and prevent technical hiccups along the way. Give it a try!